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Unleashing Breakthroughs and Adoption of Biotech Innovations.

Cutting-edge Biotech advisory firm specializing in Product Development & Strategy, Venture Capital Support, and Guided Technical Expertise. Collaborating closely with founders and investors, we ensure success across Diagnostics, BioTools, Health Tech and Precision Medicine.






Our main pillars:

Innovation Incubation & Entrepreneurial Empowerment:

Technological Vanguard & Product Strategy Mastery

Client-Centric Solutions
& Collaborative Ecosystem:

Capital Catalyst & Strategic Partnerships

We accelerate innovative ideas and equip companies with strategic insights for robust growth.

We harness cutting-edge technical expertise and strategic product insights to drive innovation and secure competitive edge.

We design solutions prioritizing customer success and fostering collaborative networks.

We forge strong alliances and catalyze venture capital investments with comprehensive strategic insights and due diligence, as well as provide startup guidance.

Our Approach and Offerings:

At Gravina Consulting, we support you through every stage of your journey in the rapidly evolving field of life sciences. Whether you are an emerging startup, an established company, or a venture capitalist, our customized services are designed to tackle your unique challenges, enhance your strategic positioning, and accelerate your success.



Product Strategy

Strategic Product Planning:

Identifying Growth Opportunities:

Portfolio Optimization:

We provide market insights and competitive analysis to inform your decisions and drive growth.

We identify market expansion opportunities through comprehensive trend analysis and leveraging our technical expertise.

We optimize performance and minimize risks with strategic portfolio solutions.


Technology and Product Creation Support

Tailored BioTools Development:

Process Optimization:

Technical Expertise in Emerging Technologies:

We guide the development of precision-engineered solutions for Key Opinion Leaders and customers, driving innovation in every application.

We guide the enhancement of cost efficiency and streamline your product development pathway.

We provide guidance across a range of technologies, including Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), Advanced Sequencing platforms, Molecular Biology, Single-Cell Analysis, Liquid Biopsies, Omics, Proteomics & Protein Sequencing, and Molecular Diagnostics. Our services include troubleshooting and design support.


Venture Capital Advisory

Strategic Industry insights:

We provide insights, trend analysis, and due diligence for private equity and venture capital firms.

Pitch Deck Development:

Technical Due Diligence:

We refine and enhance pitch decks to capture investor interest with clarity and impact.

We assess business models, financial health, competitive positioning, and evaluate products and technologies to support informed investment decisions.



Team & contact


Silvia Gravina PhD
Principal and Founder

Silvia Gravina, PhD, brings over 15 years of experience in life sciences, including diverse technical, strategic, and leadership roles at industry leaders like Illumina and innovative startups within the clinical genomics, BioTools, and sequencing spaces. She has also held academic faculty positions at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Her expertise spans product development, market expansion, strategy, and aging/longevity research. Silvia holds a Master in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, a Ph.D. in Oncology & Experimental Pathology, and has completed training in Business Strategy and Marketing at the Wharton School.

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